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I believed we could do something magical if we came together. And that’s exactly what we did! The hardest thing to leave is what I built with those guys. I’ve talked to some of them and will talk to others. She has lived there since 1978, first with her parents and four of her siblings, then in an apartment of her own. Except for intermittent stints as a hairstylist and a nursing assistant eight years of work, long ago Evon has been unemployed since finishing high school in 1983, mainly for health reasons, she says. Through the years, she has managed to get by on public assistance and money earned from babysitting and styling friends hair in her living room..

A “good capitalist governor” of the United States basically has no meaningful purpose. I guess, they serve to look over the law on murder every once and a while and decide whether it needs updating. The economy and stability of the country is supposed to be guided by “The Invisible Hand”, which is either something you believe in literally, because you fuckin retarded, or an understanding that it means “Capital” (people with the most money) who will prevent economic disaster.

The fact that he still got 5th at Evo under these circumstances is nothing to laugh at or call him washed over.Maybe eventually he decided to go all in on melee again and try to reclaim his place at the top, but right now he still basically a lock for top 8 at any tournament he attends, and he living the goddamn life as a streamer.I don think he retire anywhere in the foreseeable future, but I also don think he gonna drop streaming in the foreseeable future, so I think what we can expect from Mango is relative consistency in top 8s, with the occasional flashes of brilliance where he wins a tournament or two against expectations.Or he says fuck it, retires, and becomes an even bigger streamer than he already is.Liimbo 13 points submitted 6 days agoThe Mango not putting in effort and being a natural myth needs to stop lol. Leffen has gone on several rants over this and he’s right. Mango has more top player access than anyone in the world and easily has the most top level friendlies played by far.

There’s nothing the league can do to completely eliminate concussions. With 200 plus pound world class athletes flying around the ice on skates, incidents are bound to take place. More punitive measures seem like a good start to incite change. “David Leff dives into a vat of maple syrup and comes out with a brilliant book on sugaring. His practical know how and reverence for sugaring are matched only by his skill at depicting the kaleidoscopic interaction of character, place, science, and passion that has created the New England culture we know and love. Tree by tree, shack by shack, he builds a world and illustrates it from every angle.

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