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Much has been made of sexist marketing in relation to women but most of us hardly notice when the same sales tactics are applied to men. The exponential growth of male grooming products has seen a huge number of traditionally gender neutral items, such as sunscreen, repackaged in “manly” brushed aluminium and flogged as masculine necessities replete with ludicrous ad campaigns. Where’s the outcry? Nowhere to be heard because men don’t care.

Also need to realize if someone in your house it so easy to take things, valuables and everything needs to be locked up. We just so trusting. Lesson learned from us. Really, who cares anymore. I find the antics of both players and fans in all of these cases distasteful in the extreme. Yet no one can come and say this in public.

“Customers, business partners and our employees will all benefit from his leadership”. “I’m very excited to be joining this dynamic technology team to help grow WatServ over the coming years,” said Dave Lacey. “Tom and I will work together to transition the leadership so that he can retire from the Company.

This is huge. I been a part of substituting in person for man as a player, coach, and editor. For those of us that are asking for change and pushing for it, we have the responsibility to make sure that we don ostracize or castigate those who are clearly trying.

But four games later, this team, which consists of two starters well below 6 feet and only one taller than 6 2, chuckled home with the AAU national title.It is believed that Cecil Kirk is the first Batlimore squad to win an AAU national title.”They were laughing at us,” said Shawnta Rogers, a 5 5 shooting guard, who was first team All Metro as a sophomore for Lake Clifton last year. “But they weren’t laughing at us at the end of the game.”Offsetting their size, Cecil Kirk used a full court press to go 6 0 during the week’s stay in Cocoa Beach, Fla., to claim the top prize. With three players from Lake Clifton in the starting lineup, Cecil Kirk rolled over teams from Wisconsin, Charlotte, host Jacksonville and Arkansas to advance into the semifinals.Cecil Kirk defeated Jacksonville a second time in the semifinals with a 81 56 win, and earned a spot to face Springfield, Mo., in the finals.

Put another way, $4 million represents 0.6 per cent of the company $658 million in net earnings last year.just so happens that we ship once a week (from Red Lake) and that was one of the shipments, Stephens said about the deposit.But he added that if the trading platform takes off, it provides Goldcorp with new buyers beyond the banks that currently purchase all its gold.TradeWind was one of the finalists in Goldcorp DisruptMining event in 2017, an annual competition it hosts to showcase new technologies in the mining sector.Although TradeWind did not win the event, it subsequently received investments from Toronto based global investment manager Sprott Inc., as well as IEX, a stock exchange featured in Michael Lewis 2014 book, Flash Boys.Goldcorp also owns five per cent of TradeWind, Stephens said. MorganHow to put the bad guys out of business with blockchainMatthew Trudeau, president of TradeWind, said he hopes to create a system in which gold can be used as collateral in lending transactions, and one that will improve the provenance and traceability of gold.exciting thing is we taking an inefficient manual market, he said, moving it to a technology driven market where all the participants can meet and transact electronically versus using telephones, emails and instant messages. Trudeau added, the company could create similar systems for other precious metals and work with central banks in other countries.The platform differs in at least one key way from Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies: The blockchain, or the ledger that records the transactions, is private, and only people who have identified themselves can use it.

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